HAVING seen the new routes for local buses, I am surprised by the odd way the council encourages people to visit Hereford city centre, which I assume is still High Town, containing as it does three banks, the Butter Market, a major shop (M&S) and a useful street leading to the cathedral.

Leaving out the route through Union Street, St Peter’s Square and St Owen Street seems perverse, and suggesting we should trudge along Widemarsh Street with its weird paving, and desert the historic city centre in favour of some new (though well-advertised shops instead), will add quite a distance to our shopping mileage.

I am unhappy about this attempt to downgrade High Town even more, as the mixture of shops and banks is still better than in the new complex.

I also dislike the feeling we are being coerced, even subliminally, into adding to its depression by shopping elsewhere.