BRITAIN’S biggest retailer must submit further information to back its proposal to a build a larger store in Ledbury.

Tesco spokesman Sophie Akokhia said the firm has sent its application to move its store from Orchard Lane to the Ledbury Welding site.

But Herefordshire Council says the plans, in their current form, are “not valid” and protesters have pleaded for a four-month delay.

“We’ve submitted an application but the council has just asked for a little bit more detail here and there,” said Miss Akokhia.

“It wants to know details of the 106 contributions and a package of community benefits.”

Miss Akokhia stressed the store would be a single storey building and not a “hypermarket”, as some people believe.

She claimed the “vast majority” of people at the Market Theatre consultation supported their plans, to be shown in the existing branch next week.

A town council exit poll showed 60 per cent opposed the move while Bill Wiggin MP has refused to support the relocation.

The Ledbury Opposes Tesco Superstore group wants the plan delayed until the Localism Bill becomes law in December.

Members say the new law will allow residents to properly consider the options for retail in Ledbury rather than rushing them through.