HAIRDRESSERS and publicans have expressed their joy about being back at work, four months on from the start of lockdown.

Hairdresser Heather Andrews who works at Janet’s, in New Street, said she was glad to be 'back to normal' after a four month enforced closure when ‘non-essential’ businesses were shut in a bid to slow the spread of Covid-29.

She said: “It’s like we’re back to normal so it’s good being open.

“We have to take all the precautions like visors and aprons.

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“It’s just keeping on top of cleaning, which is also important to keep everyone safe, regularly using disinfectant and scrubbing in between cutting hair.”

Hazel Hadley, from the Ledbury Hair Company, also in New Street, said: “It’s strange because I’ve gone from my little bubble with my family at home to working with around 70-80 clients since we’ve reopened, so that takes some getting used to.

“But I’m glad to be back and earning some money and seeing my clients again.”

While Rosie Goulding, from Cabello in The Homend, said: “We are booked up solid for the next five weeks so it’s great being back and seeing customers again.

“Working in protective equipment, including visors, is a bit weird and seeing yourself like that is odd, but it keeps us safe and makes everyone safe and we look professional, taking the right precautions and it’s good people can see that when we cut hair.”

Pubs also reopened on July 4 - dubbed 'Super Saturday'.

Lynn Aust, from The Full Pitcher in New Street, said: “Everyone has stuck to social distancing in the pub and we’ve had no issues whatsoever - glad to be back at work.”

Caroline Green, chair of the Ledbury Traders Association said: “Many people have missed that social interaction - it’s not the same over the telephone or Zoom.”