Hear haunting female voices without having to be tied to the mast first of all, with Sound of the Sirens.

In Greek legend, Odysseus had his men's ears stopped with wax, so they wouldn't be tempted to jump overboard and swim to the siren's island, where they would have been eaten.

But the cunning leader was able to listen to the beautiful sounds, because he was tied up at the time.

None of these drastic measures, thankfully, will be necessary at The Marr's Bar in Worcester, on Friday, April 10, from 7.30 pm to 11pm.

But what's on offer?

A spokesman said: Westcountry folk-rock duo Sound of the Sirens released brand new album This Time in early 2019 on independent label DMF Records

"Their debut album For All Our Sins was released in 2017 to wide praise including from R2 Magazine who called it a 'stunning debut collection'. New album This Time continues to showcase an evident gift for crafting unique, vivid and enduring melodies with 15 catchy and heartfelt songs all written by Sound of the Sirens, also known as Abbe Martin and Hannah Wood, whose voices harmonise beautifully throughout the album".

The spokesman added: "Their live shows combine a natural facility for connecting with their audiences and unforgettable performances with warmth, humour and, above all, real conviction."

In 2017, Sound of the Sirens appeared on ITV’s Weekend show with Aled Jones ,where they performed two tracks.

The duo certainly have their fair share of fans.

On critic praised “one of those albums where you can listen to it again and again and never get bored; and there’s not a single weak song on it”.

Another reviewer waxed lyrical about " a wonderfully cohesive, mature sound which will hold its own on the global stage”.

And another enthused about "A talent for melodies ... a joy to listen to throughout”

Further information and tour dates: https://www.soundofthesirens.net/tour-dates/