MEETINGS will take place in Ledbury and Bromyard to discuss the county’s declaration of a climate emergency, and organisers are hoping local councillors will get involved.

The ultimate aim is to come up with “practical solutions’ to make sure the county has a zero carbon footprint by the ambitious target of 2030, little more than ten years away

The Herefordshire Green Network (HGN) has launched a new initiative “to support local councillors in identifying opportunities created by Herefordshire Council’s declaration of a Climate Emergency”, a declaration which first took place back in April.

Gareth Williams, Chair of HGN, said: “The Great Collaboration project aims to develop locally relevant, practical solutions – through discussion, information and inspiration – so that councils can begin to draw up plans in response to Herefordshire’s commitment, which was affirmed on September 26, to become zero carbon by 2030.”

Dates for the Ledbury and Bromyard meetings have still to be announced.

But invitations have been sent out via the Herefordshire Association of Local Councils (HALC) to all the county’s councils and “a series of meeting will be held in Ross, Ledbury and Bromyard”.

The group has already started to work with Kington and Leominster councils and their surrounding parishes.

Mr Williams said: “The HGN team has developed two consecutive workshops, which provide an opportunity for councillors to talk with local experts about the implications of becoming a zero carbon community. This process is intended to be the start of an ongoing dialogue within local communities, helping to facilitate specific, practical solutions in order to meet Herefordshire’s zero carbon target.

“In order for the county to respond effectively to the climate and ecological crisis, and for communities to adapt to the changes ahead of us, we need to work with vision and ambition.

“Our local councils have a vital role to play here. Over many months we have been developing a process to support the work of our councillors, as they begin to respond to the growing number of declarations of a climate emergency around the county.”

Great Collaboration events will be held around the county “over coming months”.

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