TWO councillors from Malvern are taking on a charity walk with a twist to raise money for a homeless shelter.

Natalie McVey and Daniel Walton, both district councillors, are doing a mystery walk from an unknown location on October 25.

On the night, they will be driven, blindfolded, by fellow councillor Sarah Rouse to an undisclosed location somewhere in the UK, with the task of walking back to Malvern in the following 48 hours.

They will have no electronic devices, except for an old Nokia phone to stay in touch with the town, and just some food and bedding.

It will be down to their powers of investigation to work out where they are, and they are not allowed to use electronic means of navigation, just maps, compasses and the stars.

The pair will have food and water, but no cash and will have to use a variety of methods to get back home, being allowed to hitch for a certain amount of time and distance, decided by a group of of friends.

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In addition to this they will be sleeping rough, whatever the weather, seeking shelter where we can find it.

Cllr McVey said: "We decided that, because we have done fundraising walks before, we wanted to do something a bit different and a bit more exciting."

The walk will be done to raise money for Maggs Day Centre, something close to the people of Malvern's hearts following the deaths of Joby Sparrey and Remigiusz Boczarski in the last 12 months.

Cllr McVey added: "It has been something very close to my heart since even before I was portfolio holder for housing and even before the deaths.

"We have helped to set up Malvern against Homelessness and bring a branch of Maggs to the town so it is really important to raise awareness."

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