A SECOND foodbank for the Ledbury area is set to open in Bosbury this autumn.

Ledbury Food Bank will open a satellite branch and run it as a pilot scheme for six months, from October 16, with a view to making it permanent.

Ledbury Food Bank spokesman, Martin Ham said: “Many of those in need of food cannot get to the St Katherine’s in Ledbury and so the food bank is trialling a pilot scheme whereby it takes the food to those in need.

“Running a car is a big expense and using public transport can be both very time consuming and expensive. It’s a matter of, “If you can’t get to us we will come to you; and so, on October 16 at 9am Ledbury Food Bank will open a satellite branch of the food bank at the Parish Hall in Bosbury.”

Mr Ham added: “This is a pilot scheme that will run for six months, and if demand is enough the food bank hopes to make it a permanent feature.”

“The food bank is a parachute. Life has a nasty habit of throwing crises at people when they least expect it.

"Whether it is serious illness, a death, redundancy, or family break-up, often enough the trauma comes suddenly.

"Many of those who come to the food bank have been taken completely by surprise by events that have dealt a sledge hammer blow, probably emotionally as well as financially.

"The food bank never gives out money, but it does help financially by supplying food.”

To open in Bosbury, the food bank needs three resources, food, volunteers and money.

Mr Ham said: “Bosbury Branch will be opening at a time of year when, after Harvest Festival, food stocks are likely to be at a comfortable level.

"With the generosity, characteristic of the area, volunteers have come forward to provide four teams to run the branch, and volunteers to ensure that the branch is stocked from St Katherine’s.

"The food bank at Bosbury will hand out a wide range of tinned and packaged dry foods such as pasta, cereals, sugar, flour and tinned fruit and vegetables.

“Being able to open in Bosbury is the result of all the past hard work and generosity of local people. We have in the past been overwhelmed by the response of local people, but we still welcome all contributions of food, money and hard work! Our job will never be done, as there will always be those in need. The Bosbury scheme is our attempt to spread our net more widely.”