LEDBURY Town Council has been asked by organisers if the community would join in with a national celebration of older people, this October.

But Ledbury’s involvement in the Silver Sunday project may be something for another year.

The approach to the town council was only sent on July 25, leaving just over two months to make all the necessary preparations, for what could become a kind of Community Day for Ledbury’s senior citizens.

The idea was discussed at last week’s full town council offices in Church Lane, but with the clock ticking Cllr Daniel Vesma, said Ledbury’s involvement “might not be feasible” this year.

But he added: “We should start planning something that meets the same objectives.”

Cllr Andy Mann, spoke of the value of Silver Sunday as “a catalyst to get people out and about so they don’t get isolated and lonely”.

Cllr Liz Harvey said: “Maybe they thing to do is to promote this as something for next year and this year to work with groups like Community Action Ledbury and Age UK to promote the things that already exist in the town.

We could dip a toe in a say we are quite well served in Ledbury and it is not necessary to have a day event promoting some of ways older people can stay active and stay involved. We could start gently, by publicising this."

Silver Sunday is a national day for older people, on the first Sunday in October “as an exemplar of community collaboration in tackling isolation and loneliness among older people”.

From a modest start in Westminster, in 2012, it has grown to around 1000 events across the UK, attended by “tens of thousands of older people”.

This year, organisers want to see 2000 events with a goal of reaching 1000,000 people.

Events that take place on the day range from Tai Chi to “concerts, to walks to sports matches to dance classes to tea parties”.

Silver Sunday also encourages involvement from younger member of the community.

Scouts can help out and work towards obtaining a special badge.

Spokesman Christabel Flight said: “This really is a day for everyone”.