HARD questions have been asked about Ledbury Town Council's website, which is undergoing a re-vamp but is currently proving difficult to use.

Former town and county councillor, Mary Cooper, at a full town council meeting last week, said she had found it hard to find information, agendas and even dates and locations for meetings.

She suggested that if meetings are being held without the public being properly notified, the council could be acting beyond its legal powers, a situation called ultra vires, and that meetings might have to be held again.

Miss Cooper, who is no longer a councillor said: "If the web pages are actually operating, or not, I could not track down when and where one meeting was being held. Why isn't the information there?"

Charing the meeting, the town's deputy mayor, Daniel Vesma said there were "some technical problems" with the new web site, and he offered his apologies to Miss Cooper.

Town clerk, Angela Price added: "We are working hard to get this done."

Miss Cooper in response said: "If, for any reasons, notifications are not brought to public attention, the committee could be acting ultra vires. You don't want to be acting ultra vires, otherwise meetings might have to take place again."

Miss Cooper was informed that paper notices of meetings were appearing on the town council's notice board.