NEWENT Town Council will raise it's council tax by an average of 12p a week next financial year, partly to raise funds for repairs to the town's iconic market house.

Newent Market House dates back to 1668, and it was originally a butter market.

A Dutch craftsman was probably responsible for its construction, but it was not the first market house in Newent. An earlier one was located close the site of the town's library.

Funds will also go towards an upgrade of the market town's CCTV system,

A spokesman said: "Newent town council has approved a budget for 2018/2019 and will raise £231,360 through the Council Tax, which equates to an increase of 12p per week for a Band D property.

"The Council has striven to address all actions that are required in the forthcoming year, balanced against the knowledge that it is funded by the ratepayers of the town.

Part of the increased funds will be used to progress repairs to the historic Market House and to upgrade the towns CCTV system."

The council is also planning to move to new permanent premises and after receiving positive feedback from the public consultations held in November, and a public works loan has been budgeted for.

Councillor Wood, Deputy Mayor of Newent said, “Some significant projects have been completed this year including the refurbishment of the Recreation Ground changing rooms, and the council has worked hard to ensure funds are available to progress further projects for the benefit of the town, at the same time as keeping the increase to a minimum”.