LEDBURY residents have generally given a warm welcome to news that Herefordshire Council has given planning permission for a Domino's pizza takeaway at the site of the old ambulance station in Bye Street.

But with the council declining this week to give details of planning conditions which Domino's must meet, and with Domino's declining to confirm or deny that the venture will still take place, question marks hang over the date of the shop's eventual opening and the number of jobs the outlet will create.

When pressed on these points, a Domino's spokesman said that "internal discussions" were still taking place.

And where asked specifically if the venture will still happen, the Domino's spokesman said: "I’m afraid we won’t be commenting on this occasion."

Herefordshire Council is also stonewalling on the planning conditions it has imposed.

When asked for details of these conditions, a Herefordshire Council spokesman said: "I’m afraid I am unable to confirm the conditions until the release of the decision notice.

"This is expected to be at the end of the month."

Planning permission, with conditions, was actually granted on July 31, one month before the stated determination date. But the conditions are not listed online.

The approved application was for: "The change of use from a vacant ambulance station to a hot food takeaway with associated external alterations, including the installation of extraction and ventilation equipment."

Most Ledbury people are keeping fingers crossed that the much-awaited outlet will go ahead.

Posting on the Voice of Ledbury Facebook site, resident Richard Macpherson said: "It would be good to have an another modern, up to date franchise in Ledbury. If Domino's opens up it could be the catalyst that brings Ledbury kicking and screaming into modern times."

Other residents welcomed the prospect of a jobs boost for Ledbury.

Georgina Brain said: " With Domino's we're talking chefs, servers and delivery drivers, plus the nearest Domino's to Ledbury is Malvern or Hereford, neither of which deliver to Ledbury. It's better to have a chain bringing in a number jobs than empty shops; and Domino's employ moped drivers: meaning the teens who need a weekend job, and these are the ones struggling to find work because of their age. They can have a shot at earning some money themselves."

But other residents were less enthusiastic, fearing that this could open the door to more "chain" outlets.

Marie Forrest said: "The chainification of our town has begun. It's a shame but inevitable."

And Jony Mills said: "It's amazing the difference of opinion on chain shops in Ledbury compared to Birmingham where I moved from last year.

"Chain shops are boring and will ruin one of the few great market towns this country has left. Everywhere else is turning into the exact same as the next one: no character, no life, record levels of depression, zero community.

"Modernity sounds great on it's own, but if you look at what's actually happening in places which are bang up to date, you may be put off."