LEDBURY Rotary Club charity concerts could easily become the hottest ticket in town in future, after the rock god Robert Plant turned up unexpectedly for last Saturday's show and sang on stage.

Mr Plant arrived with singer songwriter Deborah Rose, and sat in the audience, surrounded by the "could it be?" whisperings of his fellow concert-goers.

Their suspicions were confirmed when, during a break, Miss Rose invited "Robert" up on stage, for a duet of "Love Hurts", which was originally a Roy Orbison hit.

Ledbury Rotary club spokesperson, Jan Long said: "Accompanied by guitarist Matt Worley, Deborah Rose and Robert performed the song to rapturous applause. Many in the audience had begun to whisper about the identity of the man with the beard and long curly hair, and sure enough theatre-goers had guessed correctly, it was global rock star, Robert Plant lead vocalist of the famous group, Led Zeppelin."

Mrs Long added: "We were all mesmerised by this rock star in little old Ledbury.

"There were even empty seats in the theatre. Now people will be kicking themselves they were not there. It was all so unexpected and just lovely."

There is no guaranteeing, however, that lightning will ever strike twice; and any Led Zeppelin fans who were not there may just have missed out on the musical opportunity of a life-time.

Led Zeppelin is widely considered to be one of the most successful, and innovative rock groups of all time, with around 300 million record sales to the band's credit.

With the concert at an end, members of the public congregated in the foyer and were able to take photographs and seek autographs. Mrs Long said: "With his trademark unruly locks, Robert was gracious and charming, taking time to chat to everyone, reminiscing about the past with bursts of song to the delight of all present."

He also did a good job selling Miss Rose's CDs and, at one point, looking after her lurcher dog.

Concert organiser, Rotarian Derrick Spencer said: "I am amazed and delighted to have had the unexpected visit of superstar Robert Plant, and his presence will ensure that this particular Rotary concert is unlikely to be forgotten!"

The musical programme also included solo performances from tenor Carlos Alfonso and soprano Livia King, with Ledbury’s own Philip Holland providing piano accompaniment.

A total of £1000 was raised for charity.

Ledbury Rotary Club president, Mark Waller said: “The generous sum raised through the sales of raffle tickets and entrance fees will go towards supporting the Acorns Children’s Hospice appeal.”