CONSERVATIVE and Unionist Party candidate for North Herefordshire Bill Wiggin says a vote for him is a vote to get Brexit done.

He says he will back Boris Johnson’s ‘ready to go’ deal to leave the European Union and believes future trade deals made by the UK will be good for the country.

Mr Wiggin also believes an orderly exit from the EU will help heal the divide the 2016 referendum has created in the country.

“The most important issue facing the country at the moment is getting Brexit done,” he said.

“People voted for it and they expect to see it done.

“Boris has got a deal and it’s ready to go. I voted in support of it and I think whether you voted leave or remain you want an orderly exit that is good for Britain and our European partners and starts to heal the divide in a positive and constructive way.

“That is what Boris’ deal has done and that is why I voted for it and continue to vote for it.”

Mr Wiggin says the country should be positive about the opportunities Brexit provides.

“The trade deals that follow should be good for Britain and I think they will be,” he said. I know 18 are already agreed and as soon as we leave they will become enacted.

“There will also be challenges, of course there will.”

He says the people who voted remain should be respected.

“They did it with the same good intentions as the people who voted to leave, we love our country and we want the best future for it.

“However, we have voted to leave and we have to make the best of that.”

“I think the Liberal Democrat position to cancel Brexit is very hard to justify.

“If you believe people should vote in this election, you must believe their vote means something. If you believe the vote means something you can’t cancel the referendum.

“Some people believe it’s not fair but we voted to join the EEC so we should vote to leave in a referendum, which we did.

“Everybody regrets that it has taken so long to leave. I think it would have been better to move more quickly but Theresa May’s deal had the backstop in which was a major problem.

“Now that has gone, Boris has done what was deemed impossible.”