LUCY Hurds is hoping to make it third time lucky as she attempts to become MP for Hereford and South Herefordshire.

Ms Hurds, who worked on local issues with the late former Lib Dem MP Paul Keetch, has contested the seat at each election since 2015.

She believes it is vital for the county’s economy that the UK remains in the European Union.

“Looking at it from a Herefordshire point of view, I’ve already seen people struggling.

“Every organisation I’ve spoken to including the food and drink industry, the NFU, and many businesses and people locally are going to be hit by Brexit if it happens.

“That is why I think we need to reform from within. I’m not saying the EU is wonderful.

“We can do a lot more by changing things from within rather than pulling away from it and renegotiating everything.

“There are so many pitfalls on the way, what with trying to reestablished trading agreements and all the issues with the NHS.”

Ms Hurds believes people should have the final say on the UK’s EU membership with all the information of what Brexit could entail.

“They were asked to make a very simple choice over a matter that isn’t simple,” she said.

“Some of you may still feel that is how you would vote but not everybody feels like that.

“Having the information and knowing what it is actually going to do to us and our every day lives is something that I think we need to take back to people and say, look, are you sure?

Ms Hurds is very active with local charities and is on the board of county organisations in an active role.

She says it is also important to be available to residents which is why the Lib Dems have a shop on St Owen’s Street, Hereford.

“It’s about being available at all times. It’s something we offer that you don’t get with the other parties.

“I started getting involved in local organisations and have worked with local groups to find out what is going on in Herefordshire and what is needed to make a difference now."