STORE Cattle - 388: A good entry of stores met a larger crowd of purchasers than two weeks ago. More farmers coming out for cattle as the field work gets finished up. Less strength on offer than last sale, however steers to £1200 with heifers to £1180. Plenty of strong steers from £1080 to £1160, generally 185-200p/kg.

Good farming steers from £900 to £1070 with the best bred cattle very keenly contested for. Smaller steers dearer with more farmers looking for wintering cattle, better shaped steers from £720 to £900 (215-230p/kg). Native bred steers in keen demand with Angus in particular sought after, strong steers to £1120. Farming Angus steers from £750 to £920 (215-230p/kg). Hereford steers topped at £1065, other stronger steers from £900 to £1010. Good farming Hereford steers from £700 to £880 (180-200p/kg). Small plain steers dearer although do look a mark difference between the better cattle, these trading from £400 to £640.

Strong heifers all £1000 to £1150 with several men all keen for strong feeding sorts. Good farming heifers from £850 to £990 (190-215p/kg). Native heifers like the steers strongly competed for and from £650 to £800 depending on size and conformation. Smaller wintering heifers from £620 to £800 with best shaped heifers from 190-220p/kg. Very small and plain heifers from £450 to £590 and like the steers a marked difference between the better cattle and the third rate sorts.

Beef type cows/heifers in or with calves - 17: A poor selection selling to £1290 for a strong older Blue cow with her bull calf. Just the one younger sort sold with her month old bull calf at £1210. Others ranged from £800 to £990. Poorer sorts from £500 to £750.

Feeding/cull bulls - 10: Selling to £1000 for a 6 year old Angus with another older bull at £870. Others in demand to £960 for a 23 month Limousin cross, 14/16 months from £710 to £770.

Barren cows - 22: The larger entry sold to £1100 for a farm assured Limousin with better meated from 112-147p/kg. Feeding Limousin heifers at £855 and £900 being 166-171p/kg. Plainer cows from £300 to £570. Cows of all breeds and condition can be sold.