THE Horse Trust – the British Veterinary Nursing Association’s (BVNA) nominated charity of the year for 2013 – has been celebrating its links with the professional body at the BVNA’s annual congress in Telford this month.

The Horse Trust has a long history of working closely with veterinary professionals to improve the welfare of horses, ponies and donkeys.

Since 1965, The Horse Trust has given millions to fund research projects, clinical residencies and capital buildings and equipment for vet schools and other institutions.

The Horse Trust aims ‘to enhance and improve the quality of life of equines in the UK’ by providing grants for non-invasive research projects of the highest scientific standard.

This research will help improve the lives of horses across the UK by contributing directly, either immediately or over time, to an improvement in the health and/or welfare of equines in the UK. A new grant funding programme will be launched soon and will open to applications in late 2013.

Veterinary nurses across the country have been raising money to help The Horse Trust fund this vital work and the charity was pleased to attend the BVNA’s annual congress.

The UK's best known sole veterinary nursing congress, the event offered dedicated lectures and interactive workshops for practice staff and veterinary nurses at all levels.

Delegates attending could also visit a large exhibition where they had the opportunity to learn more about The Horse Trust’s work by visiting its stand.

The BVNA held a charity event in aid of The Horse Trust, sponsored by Merial Animal Health.

Jeanette Allen, chief executive of The Horse Trust, said “We admire the dedication and commitment of veterinary nurses across the UK and would like to thank them for their fundraising efforts so far this year. We are so grateful to the BVNA for choosing to support The Horse Trust as their Charity of the Year for 2013.”

Alongside funding vital research, The Horse Trust specialises in providing retirement and respite for working horses and ponies as well as providing specialist care for rescued horses, ponies and donkeys who have suffered from cruelty or neglect.

The Horse Trust also provides training for professionals whose roles can impact on equine welfare, such as local authority officers, charity field officers and the police.

To find out more or to make a donation to The Horse Trust, please visit