A HEREFORD nursery has responded to Ofsted's verdict that it was "good" following an inspection last year.

Ofsted visited Wye Nursery, which is located in St Martins Street, on December 1, 2023, and the findings were published in a report.

The nursery was rated as "good", and was described as welcoming and friendly in the report. It said that staff reportedly greet children with genuine warmth and affection and use frequent praise and encouragement to help children behave well.

Hereford Times: Children at Wye NurseryChildren at Wye Nursery (Image: Rob Davies)

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The nursery said it was delighted with the decision. The owner Maria Wrinch said: "We were delighted to receive a healthy all round "good" in December 2023.

"I have owned the nursery since 2006, although it was a nursery for many years before. The previous owner only had spaces for two to five years, we then converted the first floor, and now take children from zero to five years. 

"Our nursery is small, and therefore we have the bonus that we have a good healthy relationship with both children and their families, which is paramount to us.

"The nursery currently has the best team ever, all of which are qualified, and receive ongoing training.

"We now look forward to our future, with our wonderful families, who we are very privileged to know, and to continue to provide care to our children."

Hereford Times: Maria Wrinch, the owner of Wye NurseryMaria Wrinch, the owner of Wye Nursery (Image: Rob Davies)


The Ofsted report said: "This friendly nursery helps children to feel secure.

"Children are motivated in their learning. They show delight and pleasure as they join in with the activities on offer.

"Children behave well. Children play cooperatively and show kindness and consideration towards each other."