A HEREFORD school is offering all GCSE students free breakfasts and lunches at a key time in their educational journey.

Students sitting their GCSEs at The Hereford Academy on Marlbrook Road are being offered free breakfasts and lunches throughout the examination period as the school looks to offer them as much support as possible.

A spokesperson for the school said research by academic experts makes it very clear that students do better in learning and exams when they are well rested, well fed and well hydrated.

While staff at the school cannot influence their students in terms of their sleep, in light of the cost-of-living crisis facing so many families currently, it has been decided that the free meals will be provided to all year 11 students throughout their GCSE exam period, whether they have an exam that day or not.


Headteacher Michael Stoppard said: “This is obviously a hugely important period for our year 11 students and we are determined to support them - and their families - in any way we can so that they have the best possible chance of performing to their full potential.

“All of their hard work, since starting school at the age of five, is about to come to fruition and we want to ensure that they are well prepared and fully focused to help ensure they can give their very best as they sit down for each and every exam.

“Everyone at our school would like to wish all our year 11s every success during this important period, which started on May 15, and our advice has been to remind them all to prioritise revision, sleep and eat as healthily as possible for the next four to five weeks.

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“We hope the offer of free breakfast and lunches goes a little way to getting all our students into the right frame of mind for the challenges ahead and the extra support is something we are delighted to provide.

“I firmly believe that all children deserve the opportunity to achieve to their full potential and I really hope that this gesture makes a significant difference to many of our students here at the Hereford Academy.”