A HEREFORD school holiday club has happy and well-behaved children.

This is one of the findings of a report by education watchdog Ofsted after they paid a visit to Holmer All Stars.

Holmer All Stars is open during school holidays to children aged between four and 13 years. It has 100 places and a roll of 156.

The holiday club takes place within the grounds of the Holmer Primary Academy.

It is open between 8.30am and 5pm, Monday to Fridays during school holidays.


Inspector Amanda Tompkin visited the school on February 24.

She said that there are a range of activities, including baking that helps the children with skills such as counting and weighing ingredients.

The children are encouraged to do physical exercise as well as to eat healthily and follow good hygiene practices like washing hands.

They are encouraged to allow others to take turns and to work as a team which leads to learning how to behave well.

The inspector said that parents are happy and would recommend the club to others.

There are 21 staff, with six of them being qualified teachers.

Important details like dietary needs and medical conditions are recorded and the inspector found that this could be built upon by asking about the current interests and dislikes of the children.

The report says that the children are happy and enjoy coming to the club where there are a range of things for them to do during the day, while staff are knowledgeable about safeguarding.