A prominent Hereford school has gained approval for a new two-storey extension.

Holmer Primary Academy on Holmer Road wants to build a two-storey extension to the front of the detached, single-storey Williams Building to the rear of the main school building.

According to a planning officer’s report, the scheme is not in response to anticipated changes to the school roll.

Rather, it will create two new classrooms “to allow existing class groups currently located elsewhere in small, sub-standard rooms to relocate into suitably-sized rooms”, the report says.

With its greater height and front gable, the extension would mean the building “would take on a far more dominant appearance”.

But it will face into the school grounds, and be largely shielded from the roadside, making it “not appear unduly prominent or intrusive”, the planning officer judged.


Matching brickwork, window design and roofing materials “would ensure successful assimilation” with the existing building. Nor would it impose on the school’s “largely commercial” neighbours, he said.