A YOUNG Herefordshire woman has spoken about why she chose an apprenticeship instead of heading to university.

Chloe Watkins, 22, from near Wormelow, has started her apprenticeship at level 2 in Business Administration at Riverside Training in Hereford.

After sixth form education Miss Watkins decided learning on the job seemed far more appealing than studying at university.

In Herefordshire, there are several apprenticeship and training groups that support young people on their chosen career paths.


During her time at Riverside Training, Miss Watkins felt her employer was very supportive, gave her enough time for her studies, and supported her progress onto the next level, she said.

“They took the time to train me, rather than me sit there and work it out myself,” said Miss Watkins.

Whilst Miss Watkins was at Kingstone High School she had a rough idea of what she wanted to do and never considered university as an option after college at Hereford Sixth Form.

Her career in finance and accountancy was always her goal.

“I knew that I could do that by not going to university, I could get an apprenticeship, earn money and eventually end up as a qualified accountant,” said Miss Watkins.

She said that the pressure to attend university was not from her family but instead while studying at college.

Taking on an apprenticeship comes free of charge unlike university.

In Herefordshire there are a vast array of businesses across the county that offer apprenticeships in different industries.

The training and apprenticeship providers then work with these businesses to offer the academic learning in conjunction with the paid work.

“I also chose this route because at university you have to be more self-motivated, whereas with an apprenticeship you’re in the work-place so you’re always involved and your employers encouraging you to work as well,” said Miss Watkins.

She feels there is still a stigma around apprenticeships.

“As if they are for less intelligent people,” she said.

“I think experience is valued in that sort of job role.”

The next step for Miss Watkins is at Golden Valley accountancy where she will complete her level 7; this is equivalent to a university degree; however, you complete it over a longer period.

Her plan is to work as a chartered accountant for a while, then look at the different avenues within that such as tax planning, tax advising etc, in and around Herefordshire.

Now looking back she is glad she made the decision to do an apprenticeship rather than go to university.

“I’ve learnt more than what the apprenticeship would teach me itself, as I worked closely with a manager who can show you how the business works, as just opposed to the qualification, and I got paid along the way,” said Miss Watkins.