A VILLAGE shop near Ross-on-Wye is continuing to support its local community through England's second Covid-19 lockdown.

Woods of Whitchurch owner Lucy Gardner and her staff have once again stepped up to do their bit to help customers, particularly the elderly and vulnerable.

The shop has started to do deliveries because of the lockdown, something it hopes to continue when restrictions ease.

Miss Gardner, who has been at the shop since 2011, said: “We thought we needed to put this delivery service in place as it’s getting dark and cold and we want people to have a treat at home with family.

"We’re catering for the needs of individuals and families, as there are so many options.

"Times are tough, so we have made this affordable for people.

She added: “I’m really proud of all the staff and the way they’ve worked through the last nine months.

"They’ve shown real strength of character and given customers a lot of support.”