A FORGOTTEN cabbage has left a woman with food for thought after it sprouted 12-inch foliage in less than a fortnight.

Patricia Bott was stunned to discover the growth spurt after leaving half a cabbage in the fridge at her Credenhill home for more than a week.

After taking it out of the fridge she left it at room temperature but it has continued to grow.

“It must be about 12 inches now,” she said.

“Initially I made a coleslaw with the one half and put the other in a polythene bag in the fridge.

“About a week later I thought I would make another one but when I went into the vegetable drawer at the back of the fridge I noticed what had happened to it. I wondered what on earth it was.”

If any reader has had a similar experience with fruit or vegetables, or knows what causes the rapid growth, they can call the Hereford Times on 01432 845884.