THE September meeting included a talk by Alison Palfrey, representing the Breast Cancer Haven.

Based in St Owen Street, the charity unstintingly supports women diagnosed with breast cancer, sensitively and effectively before, during and after treatment. Approximately 50,000 women are diagnosed annually with a one in eight likelihood of diagnosis nationwide.

The Haven takes pride in supporting women when they need it most, providing a wide range of therapies including acupuncture, reflexology, hypnotherapy, exercises and nutritional guidance. Diane Emmett is now the centre manager and nursing specialist, members present who had experienced her care spoke very highly of her and her work. Alison informed members that October will be breast cancer awareness month, many fundraising activities are planned some of which are using the pink theme. For further details of the work of The Haven and activities in October, phone 01432361061. A vote of thanks was given by Sue Howells.

In June, Frances Riddell led a five and a half mile walk in Ashperton.

Members had a very active time in June, Jenny Hare organised an evening walk around the city, led by one of the Guild of Guides from the cathedral.

In July, the speaker at the monthly meeting was Keith James whose subject was the Photographic Studio of Derek Evans. An enjoyable summer evening was held in the beautiful garden of Frances Riddell.

The speaker at the August meeting was Paul Green, who told members about Exotic Plants. Members welcomed several members from Peterstow WI on that occasion. Peterstow kindly invited Holmer to their September meeting. Jenny Hare and Ann Jackson went along to hear about LS Lowry.

In mid August, a pudding and quiz evening tested members and their families and friends. The questions were compiled and delivered by Jane Jenkins. Win or lose, it was a very enjoyable evening.

Holmer WI will next meet on October 4 at 7.30pm in St Marys Church, Grandstand Road. The speaker will be Jan Matthews and she will tell members about wet felted pictures.