"THIS is the best school day ever!", " I love this place" - just two of the reactions from pupils of one Herefordshire Primary School taking part in a unique project to build links to local woods.

Funded by the Royal Forestry Society, the Teaching Trees project in Herefordshire is led by ecologist Tim Kaye and offers free outdoor sessions to schools to connect children to local woodlands and to help them understand how to look after them.

Among the nine Herefordshire schools to have taken part since February was Whitchurch C of E Primary School whose Reception and Year One pupils went to Aconbury Woods. Teacher Laura Hackett remarked: "The children loved it! The activities were fantastic and they definitely learnt a lot."

As schools gear up for the next academic year, Tim says: "I look forward to seeing more schools join in this amazing programme. Woods can be at their best in late summer and autumn, and there is so much that children learn and remember for life.

"All our sessions can be adapted to the projects schools are working on with their classes and are carefully linked to the curriculum, but all the children have a great time as well."

For more information please call or email tim.kaye@teachingtrees.org.uk or ring 01981 550043.