A RESTAURANT in Hereford city centre has made a major change.

Greek Masa in Bewell Street is now available for event bookings to serve authentic Greek food at parties and other special occasions.

The restaurant and bar is currently only open for large groups who can book in advance by contacting the chef Markos Klados, with its day-to-day operation temporarily halted.

Food from Greek MasaFood from Greek Masa (Image: Greek Masa)

Mr Klados said: "I initially tried to start as a Greek restaurant, but due to the lack of chefs knowledgeable in Greek cuisine, I had to stop. I don't have time to cook and manage the business. I'm making one last effort by renting it out to anyone interested in hosting a gathering with Greek food.

"The space has been renovated, featuring a kitchen, a bar, 50 seats indoors and another 50 seats outside on the balcony."


Mr Klados also runs Greek Gourmet, a pop-up Greek street food business based in Hereford.

The Greek Masa restaurant originally opened at the end of last year, before temporarily closing to run as an event space only. Mr Klados said at the time: "Due to my travels around the world and trying and learning new things, I modify recipes a bit but always use quality ingredients. We source local raw materials.

"We are proud of the feedback from the people who send us their comments, although there is some anxiety because there is responsibility. We hope everything goes well."