A STALL that sells specialist cakes has opened in Hereford. 

Chimney cakes, or Kürtőskalács, are a split cake specific to Hungarians from Transylvania, or more specifically the Székelys.

The festive treats date all the back to medieval times, with the first written recipe found in a cookbook from the 1700s.


The are made from sweet, yeast dough, of which a strip is spun and then wrapped around a truncated cone–shaped baking spit, and rolled in granulated sugar.

It is roasted over charcoal while basted with melted butter, until its surface cooks to a golden-brown colour. During the baking process, the sugar stuck on the Kürtőskalács caramelises and forms a crisp, shiny crust. The surface of the cake can then be topped with additional ingredients such as ground walnut or powdered cinnamon.

And if that sounds really yummy, then you're in for a treat as they are being sold in Hereford Butter Market, next to the bubble tea stall.

Hereford Times: Balaret Ovidiu Gabriel, who runs the stall alongside his wife, GeorgianaBalaret Ovidiu Gabriel, who runs the stall alongside his wife, Georgiana (Image: Rob Davies)

Hereford Times: Balaret Ovidiu GabrielBalaret Ovidiu Gabriel (Image: Rob Davies)

"We make the chimney cake dough fresh every morning," said Georgiana Ovidiu, who runs the stall with her husband, Baltaret.

"My husband has a wooden stove and we put them in the oven. After seven minutes, we take it out and glaze it with honey. 

"We have various toppings, such as walnut, chocolate, cinnamon sugar, coconut and candy."