A NEW toy shop selling a range of retro games and figures has opened in Hereford. 

Motherfudgecrackers is run by Matt Greenhouse and his nephew Glenn Macmillan in Hinton Road, near Hereford Welsh Club. 

"We sell all retro games, roys and vintage figures. It's a bit of everything that we try to sell at affordable prices," said Mr Greenhouse. 


"Myself and my nephew have been toy collectors for years and we have been waiting for this shop to come up. 

"Three months ago, we put it together. It's taken a while but we got a lot of help from my brothers who shared every link we put up on Facebook."

The shop opened on Monday (September 18) and Mr Greenhouse said it has already attracted a lot of attention.

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"It was a bit packed on the first day," he said. 

"Other shop owners came in and we've had quite a few customers, so it's been busy.

"It's remembering your childhood. You do have to have a bit of a collectible taste though and feed other people's needs.


"We've got a big Lego pool in the sop when you dig in and pick lots of lego for £7.99. 

"We wanted a name that is eye-catching. It's not a swear word but might be a word that you say if you stub your toe. It's about putting smiles on faces."

Hereford Times: Matt Greenhouse fills a bag with lego. Customers can buy it for £7.99.Matt Greenhouse fills a bag with lego. Customers can buy it for £7.99. (Image: Rob Davies)

Meanwhile, another shop that specialises in collectible items has relocated in Hereford.

Carbonate Collectibles, which sells everything from Star Wars toys to wrestling figures and funko pops, used to be based in the Butter Market. 

However, it has now moved to Commercial Road, opposite Hereford Model Centre.