THE School Uniform Shop in Hereford is being taken over by a national group, its boss has said.

The St Peter's Street shop, which has been the go-to destination for parents across Herefordshire for several years, will now be part of Monkhouse Schoolwear which has more than 40 shops across the country.

A spokesperson for the group said the takeover looks to bring "great investments" not only to the schools currently supplied by School Uniform Shop, but also to the local Hereford community.


Monkhouse, part of Banner Limited, describes itself as one of the largest schoolwear suppliers in the UK and will be bringing 85 years of schoolwear experience to the area.

Monkhouse said it believes that "service is everything" and in keeping sustainability firmly at the heart of its business, it will aim to continue School Uniform Shop’s passion for ethical sourcing and providing a great service to their schools.

Luke Conod, managing director of the School Uniform Shop will continue on to support the transition and work alongside schools and the local team at Monkhouse.


He said: “We’re excited for this transition to take place and I’m sure that Monkhouse’s presence in our community will be a positive one.

Not only do they bring longstanding experience to the table, but they’ll also provide fantastic opportunities for our local area.”

Peter Monkhouse, managing director of Monkhouse Schoolwear said: “We’re always committed to the communities we serve, supporting local schools and their parents as well as the colleagues we employ.

We hope you agree that our investments in Hereford is good news for your school, parents and your community."