BUSINESS at Richard Hammond's Hereford car workshop is picking up after a warning that it could go bust.

Teasing the latest series of Richard Hammond's Workshop, which is now out, TV company Discovery+ said The Smallest Cog, in Rotherwas, had to start making money or else it could go bust.


The original docuseries follows Hammond, who lives at Weston-under-Penyard near Ross-on-Wye, fulfilling his lifelong ambition to build and run a classic car restoration and repair workshop.

Ahead of the new series, discovery+ said that after almost a year of trading, the business, The Smallest Cog, has become a money pit.

It said that the business is still not turning a profit and if it doesn't break even soon, there’s a "real chance" it "may go bust".

But now, a DriveTribe video has given a more optimistic outlook on the future.

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Hammond set up the business with automotive "wonder-family" Neil, Anthony and Andrew Greenhouse, who previously worked at a garage in Allensmore.

And giving viewers on YouTube a look around the workshop, presenter Mike Fernie was told by Neil how the business is doing after its second year.

"Hopefully these cars will be gone and there will be something else there," Neil said when looking to the future.


"There will always be lots to see, but what we need now is to push on and get these cars moved.

"Our order book is quite full, it's good. We're in a lot better position now than we were 12 months ago.

"It's now a case of picking the right jobs, getting them in, getting them done and happy customer pays the bill."

Richard Hammond’s Workshop series two is available exclusively on discovery+.