PRESENTER James May has visited Richard Hammond's Hereford business – but criticised a lot of things there.

Hammond and May, who both worked together on the BBC's Top Gear before moving to Amazon Prime to start The Grand Tour, have recently worked on solo series.

For May, 59, that was a travel documentary James May: Our Man in Japan, and for Hammond, Richard Hammond's Workshop.


The Discovery+ show has followed Hammond's journey as the 59-year-old, of Weston-under-Penyard, opened The Smallest Cog car restoration business in Rotherwas, Hereford, with locals Neil and Anthony Greenhouse.

But in a DRIVETRIBE video, James May was filmed walking around the workshop "roasting" the business.

"It was inevitable that one day James would venture to Hereford to check out The Smallest Cog, Richard Hammond's new classic car restoration workshop," DRIVETRIBE said.

"And of course, he immediately set about roasting every aspect of Hammond's pride and joy."

In the video, May said Hammond had spent a lot of time thinking about his workshop logo and sign, but "nothing's happening" with an old Bentley sat nearby.

"My first observation: it is currently January 18 or 19, and this, which is a space, should be on," he said.

"It is completely useless off. All it does is take up valuable space that could be occupied by a car that no one is working on."

May then set his eyes on a Morris Eight which was being worked on at the time video was recorded.


He fondly remembered his dad owning one and him riding in the back when he was a child.

But while walking around, he questioned whether Hammond was "one of those people who is better at spending money than making it", with the workshop kitted out with brand new kit.

He also said: "The question is, I'm not trying to dis Hammond's efforts because this is really admirable what he's doing, but am I looking at a very well-funded hobby or a business?"

May then accidentally let a dog out from the kitchen, which he wasn't supposed to, and then stole a Jammie Dodger.

Summing up as he stood on the first floor looking down onto the workshop below, May alluded to the fact he thought the business would fail.