RICHARD Hammond has revealed the most important car in his new TV show – and it's the one he drives to the new workshop in Hereford.

The former star of the BBC's Top Gear gave a tour of the car, a Land Rover Defender, to subscribers of DRIVETRIBE, the online platform set up by Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May.

In the YouTube video, Hammond shows the inside of his Defender, which fans have mocked for being more like a wardrobe than a car.

Hammond revealed that the car – in a dark green colour – was the which was most important in his new Discovery+ show Richard Hammond's Workshop.

The series, which began to air this week, follows Hammond's journey as he sets up a car restoration workshop in Rotherwas, Hereford, called The Smallest Cog.

Hammond said he'd had the nine-year-old Land Rover from new, but up until recently it had just been a toy.

But since he started The Smallest Cog, the car had been working "its little Brummie backside off".

"It's hardly ever seen without a trailer with something twice its own size on it behind it.

"It's used for every little errand and chore run that we do ­– it's working very hard."

Hammond said that he now understood why his wife, Mindy, and children, Willow and Isabella, always left the family car "full of girls' stuff" which he "declared as a health hazard" and refused to get in it.

Making the confession, Hammond showed two fleeces, a coat, several keys to old cars, a bike jacket, a hoodie, a pair of shorts, two shoes, a fuel can, a socket set and a box of The Smallest Cog merchandise on the back seats.

Then in the boot of the Land Rover, Hammond pulled out a shoe, dog towels, more business merchandise and "carcoons" to keep cars dust-free.

In the front of the 2012 Land Rover, Hammond showed a packet of garlic and herb croutons, a telephone, face mask, Bonjella, headache tablets, business cards, receipts, unopened post, a laptop and old copy of the Sunday Telegraph.

The former star of the BBC's Top Gear, who lives in Weston-under-Penyard near Ross-on-Wye, has embarked on the new venture with local mechanics, and father and son, Neil and Anthony Greenhouse.

The workshop in Rotherwas, Hereford, was officially opened in August, with TV crews descending to film more than a dozen vintage and classic cars.

Now a presenter of Amazon Prime's The Grand Tour, Hammond opened his new business, The Smallest Cog, in Hereford on August 28.

The Greenhouses have worked with Hammond for six years, after a mutual friend put their names forward to work on his cars.

The building their company was in previously was due to be sold as the landlord passed away, Hammond did not want to see their skills put to waste, so he asked them to go into business together.