A COUNTY farming business is thriving after making a savvy green investment.

NR & SLM Green, owned by Nigel and Sally Green and based at Much Fawley Farm near Ross -on-Wye, invested £2million in a new anaerobic digester plant (AD).

The unit uses cattle slurry and chicken litter to create electricity to power the farm and also outsources electricity to energy suppliers.

The family, which has previously grown potatoes for around 20 years, funded the project with support from an Advantage West Midlands grant and the Clydesdale Bank’s Gloucester Financial Solutions Centre.

Sally Green said: “This was a major investment project for us which we spent around two years looking into. It’s new technology which is very green, and we see this as being very much the future.

“Not many banks are providing funding for major projects like this, so we appreciate the faith Clydesdale Bank’s has shown in us.

“We are one of the first in the region to invest in this technology, and we are delighted with the impact it has had on the business so far.”

Emyr Saer, rural business partner at Clydesdale Bank’s Gloucester, said: “AD electricity production is a growing market which is receiving strong government backing, due to the obvious benefits of vastly reducing carbon footprints.

“We have long-standing relationships with the local farming and rural community and are delighted to have supported Nigel and Sally with their growth plans.”