Ledbury CLUSTER - On September 5 the second meeting of the Ledbury Cluster – an association of a dozen parish councils on the outskirts of Ledbury – was held at Ashperton village hall. Putting the organisation on a formal footing, Patrick Whitehead from Bosbury and Coddington PC was elected chairman, Martin Field - the clerk to Ashperton and Stretton Grandison Group PCs was elected as his deputy, and Janet Chester - the clerk to Bosbury and Coddington, was elected as both secretary and responsible finance officer.

The formalities over, representatives discussed parking charges in Ledbury, the local promotion of tourism plus speeding throughout the district, and agreed to ask for a visit from the safety partnership at a future meeting. A number of other topics were briefly touched on but had to be adjourned due to lack of time. The event came to an end with a talk on Herefordshire Council ’s ‘Your Community – Your Say’ consultation.

Future meetings are to be held quarterly, and the next will be held in December in Colwall village hall.