EVELYN Glennie welcomed three of Herefordshire's finest young players to take part in a masterclass, organised by Hereford-shire's community music charity The Music Pool.

She pointed out that while the word masterclass suggests somebody who knows it all, she herself learns something new about playing percussion every day.

Francesca Hardwick (timpani), Maggie Tate (marimba) and Ed Griffiths (timpani, wood-blocks and cymbal) all played pieces for Evelyn and a 50-strong audience. She had many suggestions to make to each of them about how they could improve their playing.

Evelyn talked about how important it is to have your instruments in exactly the right place and height, to stand in the right position and move in a fluid and flexible way; how much fun you can have making up variations on the dreaded scales; how the visual aspects of any stage show are vital; and she demonstrated a huge range of different styles and techniques for each instrument.

After the masterclass, Evelyn admired the many instruments made by pupils at Lord Scudamore and Stretton Sugwas schools, and awarded first prize in her instrument making competition to Jessica Jackson, of Stretton Sugwas.