HEREFORD Amateur Operatic Society's production of Oklahoma! opens tomorrow (Friday) at Hereford Courtyard, running to November 4.

This well-known musical, based on Lynn Rigg's play Green Grow The Lilacs, depicts the trials of pioneer life and shows how the humour and camaraderie of farmers helped to establish America's mid-west.

With a predominantly young cast, director George Powell is keen to show that the hardships in life began early for these frontier folk.

Three of the lead roles are being taken by former members of the society's youth theatre - that of Laurey Williams (Heather McDonald), Ado Annie (Katt Williams) and Will Parker (Shay Morris).

Heather starred as Laurey in the youth theatre's production of the musical in 2000, while Katt played Aunt Eller, Laurey's guardian and confidante.

Choreographer, Vicky Beddoes, and musical director, Rosemary Wolstencroft have drawn on the youth and experience of their cast to bring the energetic dance numbers to life, including The Farmer and the Cowman and the title number, and hope to give Hereford's audiences the vitality and enthusiasm which won the West all those years ago.

To book for the show call 0870 1122330.