TWO adventurous men have driven from Hereford to central Europe to deliver a warmer winter to Ukranian orphans.

The new charity, Hereford-shire Ukraine Link Line Orphanages (HULLO), was set up to provide children with warm clothes and toys.

Wellington residents Derek Backhouse and Mike Hamilton, directors of Flights Orchard Organics, in Ledbury, set off on a 10-day road trip to Chernihiv in the north of Ukraine, travelling a total of 3,600 miles in a bright orange second-hand transit van.

When they arrived they distributed more than 150 boxes of clothes and toys to several of the local orphanages.

"This is a great opportunity for us to help, so instead of delivering vegetables, I'm happy to deliver clothes," said Mr Hamilton.

The charity would like to continue its links with the Ukraine and hopes to make the trip a regular event.