A HEREFORDSHIRE builder learned a few new tricks when he helped construct a school in rural Africa.

Martin Powell, from Staunton-on-Wye, was shown how to use sapling trees as scaffolding while building a headmaster's house in Uganda.

Martin, a bricklayer by trade, made the trip to Kanjobe Primary School four years after his niece Lauren Lewis had forged links with the village community during voluntary work.

Family and friends, Herefordshire businesses, such as Tudors and Jewsons, and church groups all raised the money to help pay for the materials needed to lay the foundations and build the walls of the principal's new home.

Lauren's parents Andrew and Christine Lewis, from St Weonards, also flew out with Martin to the remote village near the Rwanda border.

Martin, who thanked everyone in Herefordshire for their continuing financial support, said he hoped to return for a cup of tea with the headmaster when the roof and house were fully complete.