THICK wedding day fog could not prevent a Herefordshire marriage from being a clear success - and the diamond couple who tied the knot are celebrating 60 wonderful years together.

Tom and Marjorie Price may have got married during a peasouper on October 19, 1946, but their big day remained memorable despite the weather.

"We will never forget the day. The thick fog did not affect our wedding although we had to hold the dresses up because it was wet . We had our photos taken outside and it was very enjoyable," said Marjorie.

Tom and Marjorie met in 1943 at Withington railway station. Tom was serving in the Marines and the couple kept in touch.

"We lived two villages apart -Tom was from Little Cowarne and I was from Ocle Pychard - and had a chance meeting. When Tom was demobbed we got married at Ocle Pychard Church after we had known each other a few years," Marjorie said.

The couple have lived in Tupsley for the past 10 years and spent 45 years working together.

"We had a nursery in Lugwardine and we loved working together. We've enjoyed being in each other's company and I think it strengthened the marriage," Majorie said.

The couple have a three children - Andrew, John and Susan - and seven grandchildren. They attended a family get-together at the Left Bank in Hereford to celebrate the occasion.