GEOCACHING ON COPPETT HILL - This summer the Friends of Coppett Hill are organising a family-focused introduction to geocaching.

A geocache is a small box hidden somewhere on the hill and participants have to find it, treasure hunt-style. You use a mobile phone (iPhone or Android device) to guide you to the locality using the global positioning satellite (GPS), and then have to search by eye or hand. You will need walking boots, outdoor clothes and a smart phone capable of downloading a free app, or a dedicated GPS unit and the approximate details of where the cache is which organisers provide.

So come along and try geocaching on Coppett Hill, June 30, any time from 10am- 6pm. Meet at the Hostelrie Pub in Goodrich (HR9 6HX) where there is a room with wi-fi and refreshments available.

If you email the organiser with ‘subject: geocaching’ you will be informed with details and sent a booklet. If you are an experienced geocacher, volunteers would be welcome to assist. Email

More details will be updated at