ONE of Hereford’s most iconic sculptures has a new home – just yards from where it has spent the past 42 years.

The 19-foot woodpecker statue, designed by county sculptor Walenty Pytel in 1969, has been moved across the road from its former Bulmers’ site on Whitecross Road for added prominence.

It now takes pride of place in the Cider Garden on the corner of Grimmer Road, close to the Eign Street junction.

The sculpture, which last March was re-galvanized to improve its appearance, will now be taken care of by Hereford City Council whose town clerk Steve Kerry recently formally took ownership of the artwork for just £1.

For 42 years, Mr Pytel’s sculpture has stood guard outside Bulmers but has now been given its change of scenery by the cider giant as a gift “to the city and people of Hereford”.

Mr Pytel was present as the woodpecker, his first commission, made its move.

Gabe Cook, cider communications manager for Bulmers, said the landmark used to be very prominent but over time has become obscured through buildings, telegraph poles and signposts.

He said in many ways the statue’s new home moved it closer to its roots being just feet from the original ciderworks established by Percy and Fred Bulmer in 1888.

Eight years later, from the same site, the famous Woodpecker brand was established.