A RURAL watchdog is issuing a reminder that even a short car journey can be lethal for dogs.

The reminder comes from CLA as dog-owners gear up for a summer of day trips and holidays.

The temperature inside a car and outside is staggeringly different. Cars can become like ovens with temperatures soaring to 120F or 49C within six to 10 minutes.

When the temperature starts to rise, drivers often forget how the heat can affect animals and ultimately it can be extremely harmful or even fatal.

CLA West Midlands director, Caroline Bedell, said: “Rural holidays in Britain are becoming increasingly popular, and we expect to see even more animals being taken on long journeys.

“So we are urging drivers to consider their pets’ needs as well as the rest of the family’s when it comes to hydration.”

It is very important to make sure dogs have enough air, water and space and are not left in the car alone for even a short period of time in hot weather.