SPEEDING - The Safer Roads Partnership has supplied statistics relating to speeding through Ashperton. When travelling north it appears that 55.6 per cent of vehicles are exceeding the speed limit. The 85th percentile speed, ie the speed which 85 per cent of the vehicles are not exceeding, was 40.2mph. When travelling south it appeared that 66.5 per cent of vehicles were exceeding the speed limit. The 85th percentile speed in this direction was 40.6mph. Between February 2010 and April 2011 the detector vans had been on-site for a total of 140 hours and had detected 1014 offences. Over 580 offenders had been offered speed awareness courses, but only 305 have accepted them. Fifty-two percent of offenders have been from outside the local area, and 5 per cent of those were driving transporters. From these figures it is apparent that although speeds have reduced by 4.1mph since February 2010 there is still a problem through the village. Speed detector vans will therefore continue to visit Ashperton for the time being.