A Ross-ON-WYE landlord has taken the term ‘fly fishing’ to another level.

Keen angler Dave Newman made his maiden flight from the garden of his Wilton pub, the White Lion, with his trusty rod in hand.

But despite thoughts his airborne approach might prove advantageous, he still failed to land a catch in the River Wye.

“It was my first attempt at fly fishing, and it was great fun, but I didn’t catch anything on that flight,” Dave said.

“But at least I didn’t get wet either.”

Thankfully the publican’s newfound aviation skills proved more successful when pub regular Ian Ashpole came up with the idea, and Dave took to the skies on a whim.

The balloon, which was pioneered by Wye Valley Aviation Ltd proprietor Ian over 30 years ago, is more used to carrying TV reporters and cameramen.

But Ian, who regularly launches at Ross, How Caple and Fownhope, said Dave made a cracking job at staying dry where others have been known to get wet – and stunned spectators on the nearby Wilton Bridge – when he took flight on Monday night .

“He saw me flying my one-man balloon and thought ‘I’d like a go in that’,” Ian explained.

“The customers at the White Lion thought it was all very amazing, so it was just a bit of fun on a nice summer evening.”