FOR many it is a dream to be the lord or lady of the manor. And now that wish could become a reality – for £7,750.

Manorial Auctioneers is holding a private sale of the lordship of Wilton-on- Wye, which will enable the winning buyer to be able to have the prestige title on their passports, cheque books and credit cards, as well as having their own coat of arms.

They will also be eligible for membership of the Manorial Society of Great Britain, the governing body of which includes the Earl of Shrewsbury and Talbot, the Earl of Shannon, Lord Sudeley and Sir Desmond de Silva QC.

The society also holds functions during the year, including an annual reception at the House of Lords.

The lordship of Wilton-on- Wye is in the parish of Bridstow and is close to Foy, of which politican Peter Mandelson is a baron.

The estate near Ross-on- Wye belonged to William the Conqueror and soon became an important one under Hugh de Longchamp, who started to build a castle on the site.

The lordship passed on to the de Gray family at the end of the 13th Century and remained in the family until the estate was sold to Charles Brydges in 1578.

The estate changed hands again in 1731 when it was bought by Thomas Guy, founder of Guy’s Hospital in London.

For more information about the sale, call Robert Smith on 020 7582 1588.