AUCTION - Unwanted Christmas presents, downsizing or just de-cluttering? Woolhope Parish Hall is holding an auction in April to raise much needed funds. Donations of anything from big toys and bikes to household goods and furniture would be very gratefully received. Ring Andy Richardson on 01432860265 or email woolhopeherald@

AM-DRAM - Woolhope Amateur Dramatic Society is excited to enter the Herefordshire Drama Festival at the Courtyard Theatre on March 11. However it needs to recruit another player – a woman to play a chicken with attitude and unsettling hormonal problems.

The society plans a one-act play called Chook Chook, a modern, moralistic comedy set in a battery farm. They are are a lively, supportive cast of three other females who are also chickens. The director is bursting with good ideas and is champing at the bit to develop dramatic moments. Rehearsals are Tuesdays and Fridays at Woolhope Village Hall at 7.30pm. Ring Sheila on 01531 670332 or Brenda on 01600 715255.