THE British Horse Society has launched a new Coach of the Year competition for aspiring coaches currently working within the equestrian industry.

The aim of the competition is, through regional qualifying days, to encourage and inspire today’s coaches to continue their education, take pride in their professional development and strive to improve standards within the equestrian world.

At the qualifying events candidates will demonstrate their coaching skills to a BHS fellow.

The day will cover lungeing, ridden and jump lessons in which each candidate will take part.

The fellow presenting the qualifier will not only observe the teaching and provide feedback, but also encourage the candidates to question and debate coaching practices throughout the day.

They will also be encouraged to interact with the presenter and with each other to promote communication and develop relationships with fellow professionals.

The days are very much training days and the person selected for the final will be the one that shows the most potential as a coach, as well as having a good grasp of each of the different areas covered on the day – in short, a good allrounder.

The person going forward from each regional day will be invited to the final at Warwickshire College in October.

There they will again have to teach a flat and jump lesson and present a short talk on an aspect of stable management.

These will be on a one-to-one basis with one of the society’s prestigious judges.

Numbers on these qualifying days are limited and candidates have to apply in advance for a chance to participate.

To enter, each candidate must have a BHS teaching qualification.

There is no age limit but a maximum qualification limit of BHSII.

Anyone interested in receiving an application pack should contact the BHS training department on 01926 707820 or email

The department already has a quite considerable list of applicants, so anyone interested is urged to make contact soon.