IF you’re in the Gladestry area and catch sight of a hunstman galloping across the Herefordshire countryside, take another look. What you thought was man and beast in motion may well be a sculpture by leading rural artist Miranda Michels.

Her striking huntsman is the focal point of a new collection encompassing a range of rural sculptures, from inquisitive pheasants to lithe foxes. Poised on galloping hoof or claw, they are created in steel and welded to convey fleetness of foot and barely restrained energy.

Three years as joint master of the Radnor and West Herefordshire Hunt, and a lifelong obsession with wildlife and field sports, led Miranda to create the strikingly lifelike sculpture.

Having made a name for herself through well-received exhibitions in Kentucky, County Cork and Cirencester, Miranda now received commissions for works as diverse as a 16ft cobweb complete with spider and fly to a leaping fish, each one immaculately created in stainless steel.

“Each piece is a one-off,” she explains.

“All the work, including slightly dangerous balancing and winching, I have so far managed on my own, with the occasional help of a passing tractor to lift it into place.”

Miranda’s current collection will be displayed at an exhibition of garden sculpture in the grounds of Cheriton Cottage at Cheriton, Hampshire, from Friday to Thursday, June 18-26, where 20% of total sales will be donated to two charities – Hackney Holidays and the Nginia School in Kenya.

For further information, call Miranda on 01544 370678.