CHURCH - Mrs Evelyn Hatcher, churchwarden, is organising the arrangements for the display of lilies in the church at Eastertime. Anyone who would like to buy a lily (£1.75) in memory of a loved one is asked to contact her or Mrs Margaret Whittall or Miss Liz Preece. Those wishing to join the 2006 flower list are asked to sign on the list in the church porch for the weeks in which they wish to participate.

TEA AND CHAT - The next tea and chat takes place at the Methodist Church on Thursday, March 30, from 2.30pm-4.30pm.

TABLE SALE - It is not too late to book a table (£5) for the Royal British Legion's Women's Section table top sale which takes place in the Curzon Herrick Hall on Saturday, March 25, from 10am until 1pm. Contact Mrs Nora Nicholas on 01544 327977.

SCHOOL - A talent show, organised by the Eardisley Primary School, is scheduled to take place in the Curzon Herrick Hall on Friday, March 31.

WHIST DRIVE - Come along to the New Strand, Eardisley at 7.45pm, on Monday, March 27.

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