Hereford said "howdy" to two cowboys and their steeds when they moseyed into town last Friday.

And although Peter "Texas Red" Darwent and Bob "Pony Bob" Sanderson weren't here to hold up a bank or rustle any Hereford cattle, they were after a "fistful of dollars" for charity.

The pair, along with their trusty equine companions, Kitty, Josie Wales and Belle Star the mule, are travelling the length of the country in a 65-day marathon ride for Autism Initiatives UK.

Peter was spurred on to take to the saddle by his two autistic granddaughters, who are helped by the charity, and has been riding with Bob since they left John O'Groats on June 27.

"It's all gone really well so far," said Peter.

"We have had bits to do like replace shoes and so on but we are both trained horsemen so it's not much trouble."

Stopping at prearranged farms along their route, the pair camped out at the Hereford Equestrian Centre for their night here.

They hope to reach Lands End on September 2.

"Money is coming in from all kinds of places," said Bob.

"Sponsorship is coming in plus we are doing collections in the towns we visit. People can also help through the internet."

Anyone wishing to help the cowboys and their charity should log on to